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News of the cryptocurrency market:

[Image: 9ab5e04977ba.jpg]

The Chinese academic sector is “seriously lagging” in terms of keeping up with demand for blockchain specialists.

As the blockchain industry keeps expanding across China, there are concerns that the academic sector is failing to keep up with demand for comprehensive, undergraduate, blockchain-related educational programs. The head of the Digital Economy Development Research Center at the Beijing-based Communication University of China, Sun Daojun, said the first batch of “blockchain graduates” will start courses later this year and complete their studies in 2024.

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The Cannabinoid Association of the Netherlands has unveiled a blockchain-based CBD tracker for customers to trace a product’s journey from seed-to-sale.

Cannabidiol users concerned about the quality of their product in the EU can now trace the plant’s journey from when it was first planted in the fields to when it was sold in retail stores. An Aug. 6 statement from the Cannabinoid Association of the Netherlands (CAN) revealed it would make a blockchain tool — CanCheck — free for consumers to track cannabidiol (CBD) products in the EU online. HempFlax, one of the group’s founding members, and Europe’s largest independent grower and processor of industrial hemp, will be one of the first to offer traceable CAN products.

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A new analysis suggests the token supplies for most DeFi projects are not widely distributed, with up to 99% held by the top 500 addresses.

Token supplies for most decentralized finance (DeFi) projects are not widely distributed according to an analysis by the co-founder of DeFi Italy and Head of CryptoLab’s Digital Assets Investments Simone Conti. He compiled data from Defi Pulse and Etherscan that suggests that 90% of tokens for almost all DeFi projects are held by the top 500 addresses. For three of the projects, that figure rises to 99%.

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News of the cryptocurrency market:

[Image: 950636856ce3.jpg]

Researchers at the Black Hat security conference revealed that crypto exchanges might be vulnerable to hackers. Although crypto exchanges have high privacy and security to protect their funds, researchers still found three ways hackers can attack these crypto exchanges, according to Wired on August 9.

Aumasson, a cryptographer, and Omer Shlomovits, cofounder of the key-management firm KZen Networks broke down the attacks into three categories: an insider attack, an attack exploiting the relationship between an exchange and a customer, and an extraction of portions of secret keys.

[Image: 13965eaaa73d.jpg]

Blockchain and crypto data platform LongHash revealed on August 8 in a tweet that China’s blockchain sector has grown substantially despite the pandemic this year. It stated that over 10,000 blockchain companies were established between January and July.

The report also shows the current number of blockchain-related companies in China is on track to surpass 2017’s total figure. LongHash said 2020 could also pass 2018’s total of 18,500 and for a new all-time high.

[Image: 544437fbede1.jpg]

The president of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve, who once claimed the Federal Reserve was flush with cash, called for a nationwide lockdown to fight COVID-19.

In an op-ed in The New York Times, Neel Kashkari and co-writer Michael T. Osterholm of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota said a more restrictive lockdown of up to six weeks is necessary to fight the virus and save the economy.

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News of the cryptocurrency market:

[Image: b22963e77781.jpg]

In a Cointelegraph interview, director of IBM financial services and digital assets, Nitin Gaur, shared how the technology company is helping financial institutions to capitalize on the DeFi movement.

Gaur — the author of Blockchain for Business — says it is essential that banks understand and embrace DeFi space. DeFi presents a set of regulatory challenges to financial institutions and IBM believes it can help their clients navigate it. However, most financial institutions are still in early exploratory stages when it comes to DeFi, and are stuck at the crossroads between true decentralized finance and just digitizing traditional securities. Regardless, Gaur foresees an entry “of the large banks, starting with investment banks.”

[Image: 8543cb8dfc21.png]

With sentiment suggesting Bitcoin and the crypto markets are about to go on a bull run, seasoned old timers are warning about the lessons learned from previous rallies.

With Bitcoin correcting 5% in the past day, the Crypto Fear & Greed Index is back to 75. A measure of sentiment that looks at the volatility, market volume and social media activity of digital, a reading of 75 equates to “greed”, down slightly from 84 — or “extreme greed” on Aug. 10. But either way expectations are high of boom times ahead.

[Image: 7a0fccbda5de.jpg]

Bitcoin acts more like a tech startup stock than digital gold — with investors reaping big rewards if it works but potentially losing everything if the crypto asset fails.

That’s the conclusion of an Aug. 10 report from digital asset manager CoinShares titled A Little Bitcoin Goes a Long Way. In it authors James Butterfill and Christopher Bendiksen argue that the fact Bitcoin (BTC) “starting its life at a price of zero” gave it a stellar reputation.

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News of the cryptocurrency market:

[Image: 146a867ce6c2.jpg]

The global P2P markets are pumping, with numerous African and Latin American markets touching new all-time highs for volume.

Combined global peer-to-peer (P2P) Bitcoin trading volumes have surged to their highest levels since January 2018, with nearly $95 million worth of Bitcoin (BTC) changing hands on Localbitcoins and Paxful in the first week of August. The spike comes as many Latin American markets have seen trade activity rally into new highs over recent weeks, with the Bitcoin P2P markets in Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Bolivia, Honduras, Paraguay, Uruguay and The Bahamas all posting record highs since the start of July.

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A proposed capital gains tax cut could be good news for crypto traders in the U.S.

A proposed tax cut by U.S. President Donald Trump could be a big win — or a relatively insignificant win — for the crypto industry if it is passed. There is a debate over the extent of President Trump’s ability to deliver tax cuts. The long term capital gains rate of 20% is primarily governed by Congress, so to deliver a big cut he’d need to get lawmakers on side via negotiation.

[Image: b2d1a1f990c0.jpg]

Yam Finance uncovered a bug the day after ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees called the project a scam.

Yam finance (YAM), the latest fad in the crypto space, recently warned the public of a technical bug affecting the ecosystem. As the decentralized finance, or DeFi, crypto boom continues, something called yield farming has come into the spotlight. Yield farming is essentially the latest passive income fad in crypto. Yam has risen to the top of conversation recently as the headline act in the yield farming sector.

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