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Why Buying Email Lists Doesn't Work
Spam has become virtually ubiquitous, filling up email inboxes across the country and world. Most people would agree that there's nothing more irritating than opening up an account only to be laid under siege by countless offers for pharmaceuticals and make money schemes. The only upside to this new latestdatabase.com addition to the realm of telemarketing and direct mailing is the fact that paper use has been reduced.
Most spammers don't care about legitimate email marketing-they're just interested in contacting as many people as possible, for as cheap as possible. This strategy doesn't work, for the following reasons:
Purchased Lists Generally Aren't Targeted: Opt-in email lists are targeted affairs; after all, the subscribers made a conscious decision to join the list. Even if you manually obtained the names on your list from another source, chances are good that the people you contact will be at least somewhat interested in what you have to say. Buying thousands of names from an email list company means that you're buying thousands of names that have been "mined". In other words, they're pretty much just random names that have been picked off the Net.
Your Emails Will Bounce Higher than an Air Castle: Sophisticated anti-spamming software has kept up with (and at points even beat) the folks who create spam. The result is your emails being relegated to a spam folder that is simply emptied out every few weeks. You're wasting your time, because the people you want to talk to won't even see your message.
It's Illegal: That's right: spamming is actually against the law. Though chances are slim that you'll be prosecuted, you run the risk of endangering your business. Is that really worth it? With so many other ways to build an effective email marketing campaign, why would you bother?
It Costs Money: As a simple value proposition, it just doesn't make sense. These lists cost a good deal of money, and the return often isn't nearly worth the price paid. If you're even considering purchasing an email list, you'd be well advised to do some thorough research into the ways that the names were collected. For the price you'll pay, you might want to consider hiring a marketing guru to get yourself on track.
People Hate Being Spammed: Most people will want nothing to do with your business if they feel that you've been spamming them. More than anything else, it signifies a total lack of respect for their time and privacy. Show them that you care by implementing a solid email marketing campaign that recognizes their wants and needs, rather than sending out mass emails to thousands of individuals at a time. That just screams, "we don't care about you!"

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