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What do you need to become an affiliate marketer
What do you need to become an Affiliate Marketer?
Like in any commerce, you do need some basic things to get started as an affiliate marketer. They are:
Something to share
You don’t need a college degree or certification. What you need is something of value and meaning to share with the world; like your experiences, emotions, discoveries, knowledge, skill, expertise; anything that can inform, educate, and/ or inspire your audience.
An online presence
Today, you can generate online footprint through a blog, YouTube channel, Podcast, content marketing website, review site, a popular Twitter handle etc. An online channel is the medium through which you connect with people and through which you can promote a merchant and their products/ services to them. This online channel could be anything from a full-fledged website or a YouTube channel to even a WhatsApp group or a Facebook page. Yes, anybody with a decent bit of following online, can be an affiliate marketer and start earning money.
An authority in your online space
This includes creating quality content; getting a steady stream of visitors, and building a good follower base and engagement on social media to begin with.
Getting citations, awards, testimonials, press coverage; getting links to your content; and building relationships offline, networking, speaking at conferences, and doing sponsorship programs will help you achieve greater success and even become a leader in the industry.
Saludos, estoy interesada en crear una página web para ventas como afiliada de amazon y me gustaria saber que debo dejar para tener exito en ella, agradezco en lo que me pueden ayudar

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