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Spare5 IOS App
Spare5 is one of the well paying app available only for IOS users.
We can choose the minimum threshold as low as One dollar and payments are sent every week via Paypal.
I am working on spare 5 but am using the web not the app. Am still learning the how to handle tasks.
If you do not have an iOS, iPhone or iPad that is, you csn still use the web platform. It is where I earn weekly by completing tasks. Minimum payout is $1 but you can set up your desired payment amount. Say you want to be paid everytime you reach $2 that is possible.
The tasks are difficult but if you keep learning from Youtube tutorials then everything would be fine and you will be able to make extra income from the app.
I have learned from the Tutorials provided by the site. And also, the instructions are very helpful. I also referred to YouTube when I was starting on the site. But eventually, I only read instructions from the task itself.

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