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Just Got My Order Online For Top Shelf Weed And It Arrived To UK
What is up, I got an order in today from a team of growers based in the Netherlands who sell there ounces of weed for half price, The weed i got today is potent OG KUSH buds the smoke is really strong the buds are really cured well and very sticky bud full of THC crystals and for what i pay locally on the street for one ounce it is double the price if not more for what i paid from these vendors half price if not more 150 an ounce you cannot get better deal anywhere,

Contact or
Another successful order from these vendors who ship the same day and gets here in record time. Anyone looking for top grade buds hit these vendors up.
Another order came this week from these vendors,Greatest service ever, If you like weed check them out.
Taught id drop a comment here on this service for weed in the post. I ordered from them last week and it arrived today 2 ounces of k-king-kush and it got posted directly into my letter box without having to open the door. The stealth is like an amazon or ebay order real wrapping used so it looks legit from amazon or ebay, The weed when you get true the layers of stealth is amazing the quality is strong as hell and for the money its one hell of a bargain, Id only get one ounce for the price of two from these around my way so id say order if you are reading this take my word there legit and have a 99percent success rate in getting packages delivered its all on there site.
Top class vendors, I got my order today. Pleased to say that everything went perfect.
Quick and fast delivery from these vendors, My order only took 4 days to come to mainland UK. Excellent stealth and potent buds. Thanks for the contact Smile

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