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Just Got My Order Online For Top Shelf Weed And It Arrived To UK
What is up, I got an order in today from a team of growers based in the Netherlands who sell there ounces of weed for half price, The weed i got today is potent OG KUSH buds the smoke is really strong the buds are really cured well and very sticky bud full of THC crystals and for what i pay locally on the street for one ounce it is double the price if not more for what i paid from these vendors half price if not more 150 an ounce you cannot get better deal anywhere,

Contact https://nlsupplies.webs.com/ or hiddenservicdesnl@protonmail.com
Another successful order from these vendors who ship the same day and gets here in record time. Anyone looking for top grade buds hit these vendors up.

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