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How Did You Find ForumDime.com
Awesome to see you joined ForumDime! [Image: thumbsup.png]

I hope we can help you make money online very soon.

I'm very curious how you first hear about ForumDime 

Reply below the name of the site, this will help us focus on advertising that sends us results. 

Thank you so much! Heart
I came in contact with the admin of this site on another forum site. I joined the site out of curiosity and think this site should work in money and other matters like other similar sites.
I found the forum just now after seeing it on forum coin and hoping to do better with the referring skills.
Am sure most hear about this forum on forum coin and would be willing to stay active and make money because we are down by few pay to post forums like Dg and others.
On this forum, you will earn cash as long as you post or bring referrals
it's an easy fun job
good luck to y' all.
SS refers me here just now.
Just saw a post on Facebook about it so I joined the website.
I find from a friend who used to tell me about earning opportunities online.
Just came to know about the forum from Facebook.
My friend referred me to this site. I hope it works out for me well.

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