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Hello everyone
Hi there.

My name is Nicole and I used to have a life, I'm sure we can all say that hehe, about a year ago my world got toppled sadly I couldn't cope with the emotional strain and have been diagnosed with a mental disability. Basically I'm psychologically trapped in my room.

Being a information Technology Teacher, now not being able to talk properly under stress or be in public places has made it difficult to survive. My Doctors suggested online work from home positions preferably migrating to online teaching positions when I have overcome this infliction.

So here I am grateful for your advice and eager to start rebuilding my life. I have extensive IT related knowledge although by now some is rather out dated, I'm a quick study qualified educator and a crack hand at installing CCTV solutions and WAN Network administration using Mikrotik devices and High site antenna connections linking customer CCTV systems to a central monitoring hub. Oh i can cook and I am a devout Gamer!!

Thank you for having me 
Nicole XxXx

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