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Get AAAA Grade Top Shelf Ounces Of Weed From The Farmers From 90 Per Ounce
Whats up people. I got an order of weed in the post today from a link i actually got on here around 2 weeks ago, It took me a while to place the order but i finally done it and bingo 4 days later, i had one ounce of top shelf buds posted into my letterbox by the postman i was not even home when the order arrived it was just on the floor when i got home from work.The package had an ebay sticker on it making it look officially from ebay great stealth, The ounce was inside a padded envelope couldn't feel anything inside the package till i opened it fully and there was a silver bag i opened that one and then another 2 clear plastic bag layers to keep the smell out i could not smell a thing till i opened the last layer.

If anyone has bitcoins and they are looking for weed then these fellas are the one's to shop with, They ship worldwide i got my order in 4days to the UK. Everything you need to know is on there site prices reviews from 2016 till now and new reviews each day left by happy customers me being one of them. Here is there encrypted email address and site HiddenservicesNL@ProtonMail.com or visit there site at https://nlsupplies.webs.com/
These are super vendors i got my order from the above posters link and email address, Everything worked out perfect from start to finish.
My order also arrived from them i left a review on here on one of the subject pages on here. That i got the link originally from but good to see them posted here again anyone who likes there weed will like these vendors.
These vendors are fucking awesome, I got 3 free grams with my order and the buds are fully cured and taste potent and gets you high as fuck on one joint mixed with tobacco and it leaves you highy fucked up, So top smoke these vendors sell. Cannot wait till my next order from them. Should be a weekly thing from now on. 10/10
My order arrived glad i found these vendors, One ounce got posted into my letterbox by the postman and it fitted into my letterbox without any issue at all totally legit and a friendly bunch of staff.
I found these guys on this place 2 weeks ago and placed and order for two ounces of there top strains and it came, The stealth is 110% safe and sound nothing to worry about as its posted into your letterbox by the normal postman, You do not even have to be at home to get it as its posted directly into the postbox. Now for the stealth i could not tell what was inside the package till i opened it fully plenty of stealth to go true but after that the weed smells hits you hard and even fills the room with a pungent smell without even smoking a joint, That is how strong it is. I will be back here again very soon. Thanks for the post OP
Top notch vendors with some wicked top shelf buds. Ounce i got was for 90 pound and it is potent product they sell. Order with confidence from these vendors. Beware of scammers on here trust these vendors there the real deal and have 1000s of reviews online all successful orders that have landed without any problems at all. 11/10

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