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Facebook PPC Ads traffic?
Many people who have their own dropshipping store, they tend to make use of the facebook ads. And they seem to be making a lot of money. It may be possible that they are initially be having bad results but after enough testing, I am sure they have found the success. And it seems like hard to understand how it works as of now. But based on my experience, I only managed to use it for the likes and shares. I wonder if it works for traffic that can buy things on your site. 

Have you tried facebook ppc ads?
It's not a wise choice - unless you're drawing people to an email list. Now, another option, is forgetting the PPC ads all together and just growing a page and/or boosting a post. Now, of those two choices, I'd choose to grow a page - and then later boost posts.

O.K., why a list? Well, as i mentioned in another post, reused traffic is better than one time - cause the odds are you're not getting repeat visitors. I'd say this is true - even with a decent and/or awesome website!

Now, myself, I mainly use Facebook ads, primarily as a way of growing a page.
The benefits of FaceBook PPC ads are:

Fine-Tuned Targeting.
Large Mobile Audience.
Extensive Analytics.
Improved Brand Awareness.
Upward Trending Click-Through Rates.

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