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Facebook Groups for Traffic
Not sure if any one of you are aware of the facebook group as a traffic source. The reason it can be a good source is because lot of people spend time on it. And they tend to click on link if it is from the legit user. So you need to spend time there and try to get as much traffic as possible. I have joined few groups where I answer and send the link to my website and blog. 

1. You should focus on advice before you add link
2. Make sure you add links as an answer and not make post. 

If you take care of these two things you'd be able to get the most out the facebook group as a traffic source.
Without paying, social media is simply too difficult - in fact, rather impossible! Therefore, the best strategy I think would be finding cheaper Facebook ads. Well, some niches are certainly cheaper than others - but what are they?

O.K., I know drumming page promotion is around $0.30 per click and hosting page promotion is nearly a $1.00!

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