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CRM Marketing Automation
CRM Marketing Automation | Lead Management Software for Marketing Agencies – Sales CRM: Boost workforce performance and sales through SalesCRM’s customer relationship management system (CRM system). Ensure that your goals are achieved with the help of CRM marketing automation and that you meet client expectations with SalesCRM’s lead management software.
As they begin to expand the way they use Salesforce within their organization, they are looking for more in-depth and automated ways to take care of specific tasks in the system. And the ever-increasing reliance on Salesforce means that manual tasks can be a huge slowdown in your organization.
Salesforce's Apex triggers are designed to help you automate specific tasks. Apex triggers allow you to perform your own actions before and after events in Salesforce. These events can include things like inserting data, updating existing data, or deleting.
For server development on Lightning, Apex is used - a strictly typed object-oriented programming language, the syntax of which resembles Java. Apex code is stored in the format of classes and triggers in Salesforce. A class is a template for creating Apex objects, and a trigger is code that is executed before or after accessing the database.
Apex is used to perform complex business processes, create web services or email services. Apex can be called with triggers - before or after changes in the database, it is possible to run Apex classes at a certain time.

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