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Bitcoin, the currency that is changing the world.
Bitcoin is a currency, like the euro or the US dollar, used to exchange goods and services. However, unlike other currencies, Bitcoin is an electronic currency that presents novel features and stands out for its efficiency, security and ease of exchange.

Its biggest difference compared to other currencies, it is a decentralized currency, so nobody controls it. Bitcoin does not have a central issuer like dollars or euros, the cryptocurrency is produced by people and companies from around the world devoting large amounts of resources to mining.

Benefits and advantages of Bitcoin
Currently, it is the most used digital currency in the world and there are good reasons why it is becoming increasingly popular. Both private users and sellers and business owners find in Bitcoin important advantages that have led them to adopt this system.

Virtual currencies lower costs by eliminating intermediaries completely.
Today it is still very common that sending money anywhere in the world entails significant fees or commissions due to the large number of intermediaries in the process. This includes: Commissions by bank transfer, commissions for accepting or using credit or debit cards, commissions for using "money remittance" services or commissions for using "online payment" services.

In Bitcoin there are no intermediaries and money goes directly from person to person: from buyer to seller or from private to private. This reduces the price of sending money substantially and also allows you to sell products and services at a fairer price.
I would like to know everything about bitcoin, in order to get extra money and thus be able to solve some of my needs, it is excellent for people who have a computer and we do not take advantage of it.

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