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7 benefits from going to bed before 10 pm, knowing like this, you won't sleep late ag
[Image: AnT0Mu.jpg]

It is believed that many slot wallet people still have a habit of going to bed late on a daily basis. Which, although knowing the negative effects that may occur on the body from staying up late Still unable to avoid this behavior May be with necessity or habit Today we would like to take advantage of the good. That the body will get from going to bed early before 4 pm come and share them together. So that at least it might make many People want to get up and change their sleep habits. Let's see what are the benefits of going to bed early.

1. Brain Helps Build Happiness Chemistry
While the body is asleep and resting The brain helps the body create happy chemicals. There is either a chemical nitra, also known as melatonin. The happiness chemistry, also known as serotonin And create sex hormones Along with maintenance chemicals that help regulate the system of work in the body to be smooth Waking up helps the body feel refreshed. And also helps prevent the occurrence of sickness as well

2. The brain helps build young chemistry.
Young chemistry, also known as growth hormone, decreases with age. In addition, staying up late can also contribute to a decrease in growth hormone as well. But the Growth Hormone will be created at 4 pm, so it is recommended for women. Go to bed early so the body can make good chemistry, youth, or natural growth hormones.

3.Repair the wear and tear of the body
Going to bed early will help the body repair the wear and tear as well, especially for women who have to work hard each day. You should go to bed early This allows the brain to rest, calm the heart, decrease pressure and relax the muscles.

4. Helps control blood pressure.

Going to bed early can help keep blood pressure calm. Not easy to go up and down It also helps in matters of heart control as well.

5. Reduce the risk of obesity.
Many people may wonder how going to bed early can help reduce the risk of obesity. The answer is that going to bed early doesn't make you hungry in the middle of the night. And also helps to control weight well It also stimulates the furnace in the body more efficiently as well.

6. Detoxification organs work better.
At the time of going to bed normally Considered to be the time when the organs That serves to detoxify, can do a better job Whether it's the liver, kidneys, or intestines, it's easy to notice. For people who often sleep late His face appears dull and has regular problems with constipation. That is because the detoxifying organs do not work properly.

7. Make your memory better
Sleep is time and adequate for the daily needs of the body. Will result in the brain to have better organizing mechanisms While the average low sleep of less than 4 hours per night. Will cause symptoms of dizziness easily forgetting to think again And tongue entangled

It can be seen that the benefits from going to bed early and getting enough sleep are numerous and are very important to our physical health. Because of the fast sleep that contributes to hormones or substances Can perform its function that efficiently

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